Nick Zachar, Producer & director

Nick Zachar is a multimedia producer and filmmaker currently pursuing his MFA in Film & Electronic Media at American University. Nick's background in Biology has taken him to the Virgin Islands, where he traveled with a team of biologists on an expedition to aid efforts in the conservation of a critically endangered species of iguana. As a graduate student at American University, Nick has had the opportunity to film on the Chesapeake Bay aboard Coast Guard vessels, hike through Costa Rican rainforests, and repel into crevasses of Alaskan glaciers. During his recent travels to Mexico he combined his passions for the natural world and film by documenting stories related to the Monarch Butterfly, highlighting what needs to be done to restore declining populations. Nick strives to find and share meaningful stories that shed light on environmental and wildlife issues, and hopes that his films will inspire viewers to take action.


Ross Godwin, Director of Photography

Ross Godwin is Washington, DC based filmmaker and MFA candidate at American University.  Over the course of an almost ten year career in film making, Ross has won several awards for his work as a director and cinematographer.  He has traveled the globe making both fiction and non-fiction film, from the wilderness of Alaska to the Czech Republic and everything in between.  He is currently directing a short film, 9 Seconds, before shipping off with Nick Zachar and crew to the isle of Saba.


Shayna Muller, Editor


Shayna Muller is a filmmaker with a passion for arts and sciences.  With a background in environmental interpretation and a Masters in Film and Video, Shayna aims to create educational content that inspires audiences to become passionate about the natural world. She is currently working on multiple projects including an animated short film about Monarch Butterfly conservation and her own educational web-series. 



Susan Billings, Promotion & Outreach Manager

Susan Billings is a digital and content strategist who builds bridges between people and causes that matter most. With an expertise in social media and a passion for travel and conservation, Susan has contributed to a variety of campaigns aimed to make a positive impact on the world.