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Hi all,

Can you believe it's been a full year since we've successfully funded Saba Documentary? A lot has happened since then and I'm very excited to give you the following updates:

  • We held a private screening in Washington DC in November 2016 for our DC donors, crew, friends and family . 
  • We held 2 private screenings on Saba in November as well, where Susan and I got engaged!!
  • Saba: The Unspoiled Queen won Outstanding Environmental Production at the 2017 American Visions Award. 
  • Saba: The Unspoiled Queen had it's international premiere this past week at CayFilm Cayman Island International Film Festival. It screened to a full house and received many good reviews. 
  • We've been accepted as an Official Selection to the 2017 Global Impact Film Festival. DC friends - mark your calendars, we'll be screening on Saturday, August 26th at 4:30PM EST.
  • We've also just heard of our acceptance into the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York City this October. 
  • We're still waiting to hear decisions on a dozen or so festivals worldwide, so stay tuned for more exciting details.

Thank you again for all of your support. Without your help, none of this would have been possible! The people of Saba are doing amazing things to conserve their island's natural treasures and we are honored to be able to share their story worldwide.


Nick Zachar,  Director & Producer